Buch, Cover, Ausschnitt, Gustav und die wilde Kriemhild, Tina Lizius

The little hippo Egon lives with his family in the zoo. Egon knows exactly what he wants: He wants to dance ballet. But his father isn’t happy about this idea at all. Hippos wallow in dirt and fight each other for their food. They do not have ballet feet and they most certainly don’t dance! 

All the hippos are laughing at Egon. It seems impossible for his big dream to come true. But then Egon meets the little ballet girl Lisa and his dream may come true yet…

With dance instructions and music suggestions for parents and their children. You, too, can dance like Lisa and Egon! 
Also recommended for teachers and dancing instructors. 

“Lisa and Egon – Teaching a Hippo to dance” is a book about friendship. And about never giving up. Live your dream! Hippos, too, can dance, if they really want to.

 Listen to an excerpt from the book!



Tina Lizius

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Tina Lizius studied Dramaturgy and Literature at the Axel Andersson Academy in Hamburg from 1998 to 2002. She founded the Primero Verlag with Christoph Fromm in 2006. Her first publication, the children's book "Die Abenteuer des Gottfried Primero", was released in the same year. Her next publications were the young adult novel "Chris - Mein kleiner großer Prinz" and the sequel to her first children's book "Gustav und die wilde Kriemhild". In 2015, her first pedagogic children's book "Lisa and Egon - Teaching A Hippo to dance" was published. The English translation has been released in March 2016.

In 2007 she founded the "Initiative Leseinsel" and in 2008 the project "Tanz & Kreatives Schreibforum". In this project, she was able to make use of her 15 years of experience as dancer, choreograph and dance pedagogue in her own ballet academy. After her training in classical and modern dance, she got an additional qualification as a movement analyst at the Laban Bartenieff Eurolab and the "Tanzmedizin Tamed" certificate.

Her project "Tanz & Kreatives Schreibforum" inspired her to found the registered society "SprachBewegung e.V." in 2009. There, she leads yearlong projects as a writer and dance pedagogue for "Tanz & Kreative Schreibforum" and for "Schauspiel/Dokumentar-Film & Kreatives Schreibforum".

She is part of many cultural neighbourhood projects as a text- and installation-artist, she initiates reading festivals and public readings, and she choreographs and organizes the international water project "Global Water Dances Munich". She is also a boardmember of the cultural centre Mohr-Villa München.