Lisa and Egon - Teaching a Hippo to Dance

Unser erfolgreiches Kinderbuch ist jetzt auch in englischer Übersetzung erhältlich! 

The little hippo Egon lives with his family in the zoo. Egon knows exactly what he wants: He wants to dance ballet. But his papa isn’t happy about this idea at all. Hippos wallow in dirt and fight each other for their food. They do not have ballet feet and they most certainly don’t dance! 

All the hippos are laughing at Egon. It seems impossible for his big dream to come true. But then Egon meets the little ballet girl Lisa and his dream may come true yet…

With dance instructions and music suggestions for parents and their children. You, too, can dance like Lisa and Egon! 
Also recommended for teachers and dancing instructors. 

“Lisa and Egon – Teaching A Hippo To Dance” is a book about friendship. And about never giving up. Live your dream! Hippos, too, can dance, if they really want to.

You can listen to an excerpt from the book here:


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Want so see Egon dance? Watch here:

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