Es gibt eine neue Rezension der englischen Übersetzung von "Stalingrad - Die Einsamkeit vor dem Sterben"!

Vera von schreibt:
"Author Christoph Fromm created an intense character driven novel of war. This is not a pretty novel for war is ugly. In a time period in which movies glorify war, Fromm presents war at its ugliest without frills or pretty words. As man achieves the ultimate evil against his fellow-man, Fromm's characters fall further into the blackness.

Furthermore, Fromm developed his characters to their full potential. Fromm's main character progressed from an idealist to find humans have a dark side just beneath their thin veneer. Unable to control the SS, his fellow combatants, or himself, he will face the dark pit of war.

Although a work of fiction, Fromm extensively researched his subject. Seen from the view-point of the participants, Fromm skillfully shows the evil of human nature and war. This book was not my cup of tea. The vileness of my fellow-man was hard for me to stomach. However, anyone who enjoys a solid well-written military novel based on fact will enjoy this book.

Additionally, I found Stalingrad The Loneliest Death well-written and the characters well-developed. If you enjoy military war novels, this book will hold your interest and give hours of entertainment."
Thank you, Vera!

Die vollständige Rezension findet ihr hier - Viel Spaß beim Lesen!