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Es gibt eine neue Rezension der englischen Übersetzung von "Stalingrad - Die Einsamkeit vor dem Sterben"!

Vera von schreibt:

"Author Christoph Fromm created an intense character driven novel of war. This is not a pretty novel for war is ugly. In a time period in which movies glorify war, Fromm presents war at its ugliest without frills or pretty words. As man achieves the ultimate evil against his fellow-man, Fromm's characters fall further into the blackness.

Furthermore, Fromm developed his characters to their full potential. Fromm's main character progressed from an idealist to find humans have a dark side just beneath their thin veneer. Unable to control the SS, his fellow combatants, or himself, he will face the dark pit of war.

Although a work of fiction, Fromm extensively researched his subject. Seen from the view-point of the participants, Fromm skillfully shows the evil of human nature and war. This book was not my cup of tea. The vileness of my fellow-man was hard for me to stomach. However, anyone who enjoys a solid well-written military novel based on fact will enjoy this book.

Additionally, I found Stalingrad The Loneliest Death well-written and the characters well-developed. If you enjoy military war novels, this book will hold your interest and give hours of entertainment."

Thank you, Vera!

Die vollständige Rezension findet ihr hier - Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

Review for "Stalingrad - The Lonliest Death"

Mary Clark posted a really awesome review about our book "Stalingrad - The Lonliest Death" on her Book Blog!

She is very fond of the historical fiction novel and writes:

"This powerful story rips the façade of honor and glory from war while meticulously exposing its true nature. Fromm’s book is a no-holds-barred dissection of the machinations of megalomaniacs, the complicity of ordinary citizens, the myths of war, and the lies we hold dear at a terrible cost."

"This is war without mercy or honor, where courage, sacrifice, and morality count for nothing, as every action fails to improve the situation, leads to more destruction, and finally, loss of hope. In short, this is warfare on a grand scale which exposes its inanity. Anyone who is concerned with the survival of humanity as we glide into the future—whether unheedful or willingly supportive of the real motivations and consequences of war—should read this book."


You can read the whole review on:

Weitere Rezensionen:

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